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What are wooden frames?

Pallet collars are used in combination with pallets of different sizes depending on the product that would be stored inside the pallet collar. They are made for protection during the transport of finished products in domestic and foreign traffic during the exchange of goods. Wooden frames on pallets with additional covers provide complete protection of the cargo, but also increase safety at work since there is less possibility of potential scattering of the load.

Assembledp pallet collars on pallets are one of the most compact types of wooden packaging, where one of the biggest benefits is the amount of free space when storing and transporting empty packaging - the possibility of assembling wooden frames for pallets.

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What types of pallet collars do we offer?

Find different types of pallet collars in our offer. Wooden frames can vary in length, width and height. The type of angle and the required covers for pallet collars are also available in customized dimensions.

With modern production we strive to keep pace with modern standards and deliver a top quality product that complies with production standards.

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How to use pallet collars?

Wooden frames are placed on pallets. Depending on the needs, frames are placed up to the required height. If there is a need, covers for wooden boxes are placed on the very top. In the case of transporting empty frames, it is possible to fold the crates diagonally, reducing the volume that the frames take up in the space of the transport vehicle.

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Advantages of using pallet collars?

Ease of handling pallet collars, the possibility of multiple use, the possibility of replacing individual parts of the frame contribute to the sustainability of this type of cargo protection during transport. It provides reliable protection during transport as it consists of several parts that together can withstand high loads of lateral and vertical pressure.

Pallet collars have a great potential for application in various industries. The best solutions for transporting goods within wooden frames are in the metalworking industries, the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, horticulture and the transport of food items that require safe protection.

What do we offer:

Wooden folding frames for pallets - pallet collars:

  • - pallet collars for euro pallets
  • - pallet collars for epal pallets
  • - pallet collars for garden frames

Wooden pallet extensions:

  • - wooden extensions for euro pallets
  • - wooden extensions for epal pallets

Pallet collars and extensions for custom pallets

How to order pallet collars?

Contact us by phone, email or by filling out a form on our website.