What products do we offer?

To make sure of the quality of our work, we bring you an overview of photos from our production plant which produces:

Wooden pallets of all types and dimensions, either double-sided or four-sided (possibility of entry with a forklift with 2 or 4 sides of the pallet), with racks or cubes. Soft and hardwood pallets, for transporting all types of cargo, even overseas container transport. Pallets with racks that have a slot-hole-mill slot for handling the forklift on all 4 sides.
Wooden crates for transporting all types of cargo, whether fruits and vegetables, machines, fireplaces, spare parts, electrical appliances. Suitable for transport for overseas, domestic and foreign traffic.
Wooden frames for pallets of various sizes – the possibility of upgrading to each other to get the height.
Wooden elements, for edging, pallet forging, for furniture, for floors…
Profiled slats, a unique product made of hornbeam – wood that has no tannins and thus leaves no traces on the dried elements. It enables better air circulation during the drying of the elements, since the contact surface is very small, it prevents the formation of fungi and stains on the dried elements, thus increasing their usability and thus their value. So a unique and very rare product on the market that makes your finished product better.

In general, our adaptation to the customer is unique – we can respond to your requests at any time and therefore there is no impossible mission (request) for us, for us everything is a challenge that we successfully solve.