Learn about us

We are a family company whose primary activity is the production of pallets and creating all types and shapes of wooden chest and profiled slats. The main focus of our production lies in the production of pallets. The company is in continuous expansion, where we are constant beneficiaries of measures from EU funds, to improve our business. In the production and processing of wood, we strive to use renewable energy sources, producing electricity from photovoltaic cells located on the roof of the production plant (91kw). By installing another 100kw photovoltaic cells on the roof of the new production plant, we will fully meet our electricity needs. We plan to build a system for pelleting sawdust, which we get as a by-product of production.

We want to complete the cycle of renewable energy sources:

energy from the sun -> to start working machines for processing chucks -> from which we get sawdust as waste and by-product -> which we then process into pellets -> which again gives us thermal energy.

“Our intention is to become a leader in the production of packaging products and to remain an example of how hard work and sacrifice can lead to success and representative products that drive our economy and successful exports that raise our country, all with quality cooperation with clients and business partners.” – Dominik i Antun Kljaić