Mounted wooden packaging is our primary form of produce so that our main business development of disposable wooden pallets.
Through years of experience we realized and found the most acceptable ways of producing pallets which are guaranteeing preserved quality and robust materials, in order to achieve this, we focused on the processing of hard wood such as beech or hornbeam.
Ability to produce large quantities of pallets and deliver them within the agreed time as our main trait. As there are various types and forms of pallets, we are able to comply to every one of your specific needs. We also offer purchasing of euro palletes.

-pallets with blocks (four-sided)
easier forklift handling


- pallets with legs (two-sided)

for achieving greater transport capacity

- used euro palletes
we offer purchasing of used euro palletes and sell them


-palletes for storing wooden logs
easier transport of large quantities of chipped wood


-palletes as a decor furniture
adjusting the size and look of your pallete by personal requirement