About us



Woodworking craft Fagus is working for many years as a family business in a dynamic environment of progress, using modern technologies that allow us to ensure the quality of the application process of structuring production.
Many years of experience are following us in woodworking craft with an emphasis on quality, effective allocation and use of resources.
From the beginning, we have focused on industry and its need for large quantities of pallets, which does not mean that we neglect customers with lesser requirements.
Our reliability and responsibility held a constant, secured expansion, achieved survival and increased production and static modernization in this time of crisis, which is a sign of a healthy business and trust of our customers.
We offer a wide range of services, processing of wood and wood packaging, as well as their completion and assembly by the unit and unique products tailor-made to customer requirements.
As our greatest strength we recognize the dynamic customization options to the customer and the market, and a high level of quality with timely delivery. That guarantees our business experience which has been recognized in a broad range of European companies including some of large Croatian and foreign business partners (car industry, petrochemical industry, renewable energy, metal processing).
On this occasion we invite you to look at products, introduce yourself with Wood Industry Fagus and formally welcome you in hope of future business experience and successful cooperation.